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Who are we?

Xavier from France & Valeriia from Ukraine: full time expats, cyclists and photographers on the mission to explore as much as the lifetime can allow.

What this blog is for?

We are persuaded that any town/city/country can be gorgeous even without being popular with tourists. That is why we want to show this sometimes hidden beauty in our photos, to live through authentic experience that this particular place can offer and share with fellow travelers the ideas to help them in building their own travel itinerary.

independent people

What do we write on Independent People?

Photo walks. Minimum of text, maximum of visual content.
One- two- or ten days itineraries. All tips and practical info included.
Our favourites. Top-10s of…anything.
Cycling and Hiking Guides. Sharing all the information one might need to organize a cycling trip without any possible nuisances.
Tips and Highlights. For better understanding of the place.
Galleries of people of the world.
Reviews. A Museum, a service, a product or a restaurant – we are happy to share our opinion and a detailed photo report from any establishment.

What is our blogging & travel philosophy?

 All the photos are ours except eventual cases where the source is always specified.

We write only about the things that we have experienced ourselves.

 We are NOT budget travellers. We love good food and we don’t mind the experiences that have to be paid for.

Why Independent People? It is just our way of living. No borders, no limits, no pressure. And a gorgeous book by an Icelandic writer – Halldór Laxness.

Ice Pattern

Where do we go?

Over the last years, we have focused on the exploration of Europe, trying to prove that even the most “banal” countries have loads to offer – you can hardly exhaust all the beauty and culture that can be found at your doorstep.

Particularly interested in the countries of North, we spent 2 years living in Estonia, cycled around Iceland by tandem, crossed the Polar Circle on a rusty van, and almost lost a head because of the seasick on the Faroe Islands. Not to mention about our painful dream to see Murmansk.

In December 2015, we moved to England and it’s been our pleasure to discover and to show that England is much, much more than just London and Oxford.

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