Isle of Man: Full Cycling Guide

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I must say that the Isle of Man seemed to us extremely attractive since long time ago. Situated in the Irish Sea, the island doesn’t actually belong to any of the kingdoms of the UK – it is a completely separate territory and moreover, isn’t even a member of the EU (shortly neither will be the UK as it looks). How can this not sound intriguing? We checked the relief, attached our bikes to the car and set off to explore this mysterious island, about which nobody can tell anything except for the famous TT (trophy tour) – we’ll come back to this later.

How to Cycle in the North York Moors

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One of the undoubtful advantages of living where we do is the proximity of all kinds of stunning places. North York Moors National Park is one of them. A huge territory of forests, valleys, heather moorland as well as unbelievably cozy villages that make it hard to believe that the UK is definitely an urbanized country. Anyway, our tandem had been imprisoned for too long, so it was out of pure humanitarian reasons that we decided to make a tour of the North York Moors by bicycle. Couple of words about it.

Estonian islands – best place for cycling ever

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Estonian islands on the west of the country are considered as one of the most beautiful spots and absolutely a must-see spot in Estonia. But what is even better about them is their interest for cyclists-beginners. Baltics countries are known to be absolutely flat, but islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa to addition to this are completely empty. Good asphalt roads exclusively for yourself – what can be better?

Thanks God, we did Iceland by bike!

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Cycling in Iceland was not at all the easiest thing in the world, though human nature helps to get used to everything, even to the cold, to the heat, to the pouring rain and to the disagreeable relief. It would be a lie if we claimed that we had encountered Iceland’s difficulties easily. At the beginning, we had a lot of doubts. A lot.

41 days cycling in Iceland : facts and figures

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Days in Iceland How many days on and off the road ? Weather in iceland How much rainy and windy day did we face ? Accomodations Where did

Cycling around Iceland – Reserved Only for Crazies

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“Do you know how we call the cyclists who travel around Iceland? We call them crazy nutters.” (c) Well, we must admit that after 7 days of cycling we started to understand that this nice remark made sense. Also, we think that if we had known how it would be, we would have chosen something else (like Netherlands) for our cycling trip after Denmark. Nevertheless, here we are and we didn’t die. :) So time for us to share our experience and conclusions with all crazy nutters who plan to make a tour around Iceland by bicycle or like in our case – by tandem.

French Basque Country by Bike: organizing the trip

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One of the most popular touristic destination in France is the Basque country, whose biggest part is in Spain and only a small one in France. And it’s been so long that we want to find out why Xavier’s sister goes in this area several times per year lol

TanDenmark: How to cycle around in two weeks?

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Finally  we are ready to become officially the members of cycling community! Now the short rides to the beach and back are over! From now on we are pride owners of a tremendous tandem, and the choice of the destination for our first serious biking trip was easy – Denmark. Of course, a flat country, small sized, perfect infrastructure – ready to go. And Denmark turned out to be absolutely fantastic. It has stunning variety of landscapes for such a small country, about which we used to know literally nothing apart from Little Mermaid…

How to cycle on the Canal de Garonne in France

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Duration: 5 days / 4 nights Transport: train, tandem Accomodation: camping, WarmShowers, B&B Total cost: 320€ In Southern France, as we are still here, there is a charming place called Canal du Midi which starts in Toulouse and ends in a Mediterranean town Sète. It was created for commercial purposes during the reign of Louis XIV and is proudly listed in UNESCO world heritage. Canal du Midi is adored by every inhabitant of Toulouse – all day round loads of people are running, cycling, roller-skating or simply walking along the canal, and of course, a 241km biking tour Toulouse-Sète is a common thing to do. Then we learnt that there is a similar canal of 193 km – Canal de Garonne that unites Bordeaux and Toulouse and two canals put together, therefore, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. Thus we decided to make a cycling, and in our case – tandem-tour along the Canal of Two Seas.