The Colours of Ærø

We were strongly advised to visit Ærø that was presented as the most beautiful one among Fyn islands. On a huge ferry during 1.5 hours, we were sailing to the island. One of the reasons why we are completely crazy about Scandinavian countries is the power of their landscapes. You really can feel the nature’s superiority over the human, and in this case the nature is not tender, but cold and severe. On this ferry crossing the waves of the Baltic Sea, the heart was full of joy and veneration.2- Denmark-6

Denmark cargo boat independentpeople

Soon we arrived to Ærøskøbing – a cute town, though similar to those that we’d already seen before. Anyway, its colourful streets are listed in UNESCO, as many houses were preserved since XVII century. In the past Ærø used to migrate from Denmark to Germany, maybe this explains crowds of German tourists, the street remain quite desert though.Denmark city street bike independentpeople

Denmark house city independentpeople

2- Denmark-7

For the night we noticed a nice spot on the western part of island. On the map it was marked as a green zone, so without any hesitations we went directly there. Several times we were poured with rain, then we were stuck near a farm of sweet lamas (!) so we reached our goal when it was completely dark. independentpeople Denmark countryside field

2- Denmark-8It was the most unusual night of the whole journey. This cape is surrounded with sea from the both sides due to its prolonged shape; add to this rocky coast and awfully strong wind. Rayon of a creepy lighthouse was the only source of light in this bluish darkness. Frankly speaking, it was scary. Almost panicking we installed the tent; it had to be tied with every rope we had for it not flying away. Never again did I feel myself so secured. Falling asleep with wind crying – the purest pleasure.

Waking up was too prosaic though as we were woken by lawn mower sounds. Indeed, we guessed – some gentleman was cutting the grass. As soon as he saw us, he approached and politely asked us to clear off immediately… the golf pitch! The sea was calm, pleasant breeze caressed our faces; the lighthouse was not scary anymore. :) independentpeople Denmark countryside tent camping

Ærø is worth of such a detour, isn’t it?

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  • 290 kr – Svendborg-Ærøskøbing ferry
  • 200 kr – great lunch of smoked fish locally caught at «Røgeri»! Wooden tables, eating with hands – relaxed in one word.

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