Visiting the Fairy Tale in Odense

That was a difficult day. Unbearable heat, after seven days of cycling, we started clearly feeling pain in the ass.

However, despite these inconveniences we still decided to make a dozen of kilometres more to see one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles of Europe – Egeskov castle. The first hit came from the price. 180 kr to enter to the castle and museum; then 30 kr more to see the park, which is no less splendid than the castle. Can you imagine our disappointment when we saw the castle completely surrounded by the fence, so in order just to have a glimpse, we had to jump. After short reflection, we said to the castle “goodbye”.

Soon enough we reached Odense. Most of everything we wanted to eat, so we entered the first restaurant on our way, that turned out to be kind of posh one. It was the second restaurant of my life where the food was so damn delicious! Though, some material sacrifices had to be done…

Awfully tired, we decided to stay in the camping, since Odense is a big city according to Danish measures, so no chance to find a place for going into the wild. This camping was huge and full of guests. What people do here during  days or even weeks remains a mystery, as Odense is far to be so cool. The facilities are good anyway, and warm shower, finally! It’s so amazing how the Danes love their national flag – near every camping-car one can notice.

The most important point of Odense is a birth house of Hans Christian Andersen. Even if you have never heard about him, you definitely know the Ugly Duckling or the Little  Match Girl. If not – something went wrong lol. As the thousands of children we had grown on his fairy-tails, so even a single thought to visit his place of birth was provoking reverential trembling. The complex consists of the house itself and a great museum devoted to the life and work of Andersen. It’s made so good, that the writer became even closer to our hearts. It can’t be differently after having seen his jaw.

independentpeople Denmark Odense street Andersen

independentpeople Denmark Odense street Andersen

independentpeople Denmark Odense street Andersen

After this educational event suddenly arrived autumn. Rain, grey sky and wind became our devoted company. We went to the west. I must admit that few times we took a train, otherwise we could have never make everything planned.

From Bramming we went to Ribe – a medieval town that was preserved the best in Denmark. It is cute indeed, especially the Cathedral. Meanwhile the weather was getting worse.

independentpeople denmark ribe cathedral

independentpeople denmark ribe

2- Denmark-11

Main goal of the day was reaching the island Fanø, and though it was too late we hurried up to Esbjerg. It was clear at once that there is no chance to put a tent in this town. It’s a huge industrial harbour, the terminal station for all the ferries coming from England, therefore Esbjerg is stuffed with Englishmen. It was around midnight, and we were still turning around in a sinister harbour full of cranes, scary ships and barbed wire. But to our astonishment, the ferries to the island depart even in such late hour. Even if it’s quite expensive for a short 12 minutes trip.

Under the heavy rain, the tent was installed just near the road. In the morning we had several frogs and snails as guests. Everything was promising a great day on the island.

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  • 290 kr – Søby – Faaborg ferry.
  • 875 kr – divine lunch at Den Gamle Kro.
  • 140 kr – two cocktails at Den Smagløse Café
  • 120 kr – 2 museum entrances
  • 456 kr – train Odense – Bramming
  • 220 kr – two plates of pasta
  • 630 kr – food supply and warm pants.
  • 90 kr – a ferry to Fanø

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