Kronborg: to be or not to be?

Our awesome journey through Sweden continued in the train till Helsingborg, where we took a ferry to Danish version of the town – Helsingør. Bravo !

The last indispensable point of our program was visiting the Castle Kronborg, which is famous thanks to Shakespeare’s «Hamlet» as he was placed to live just there. I must admit that it was the main reason why we wanted to get there. But it turned out that the locals don’t develop Hamlet-theme too much – the Castle’s history is rich enough to do without. Great museum, interactive stuff, beautiful park – couple of hours there passed too quickly…

2- Denmark-18

2- Denmark-17

independentpeople denmark kronborg castle

2- Denmark-16

independentpeople denmark kronborg castle

2- Denmark-20

That’s all. We bravely finished the last 50 km till Copenhagen.

2- Denmark-19

independentpeople denmark harbour rainbow

Karen, the lady who rented us her flat via Airbnb in Copenhagen kindly offered us a night at her place again, but for free, that was very kind indeed. In the morning our tandem found itself in the box right on the place where everything had started two weeks earlier.

Denmark is a wonderful country . In two weeks it became for us as meaningful and close as Estonia, France and Ukraine. It seems that there are only Germans who really discover Denmark as it should be, so it’s time to make some amendments, isn’t it?

And how did you make YOUR trip to Denmark? What is your favourite place there?

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  • 560 – train Göteborg- Helsingborg
  • 300 – ferry Helsingborg – Helsingør
  • 150 kr – 2 tickets to the Castle and casemates.
  • 550 kr – fooood
  • 250 kr – taxi to the airport
  • 40€ – oversized baggage tax :(

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