Møn Island: is it really Denmark?

København – Præstø

From Copenhagen we headed to the South. A separate cycling road was leading till a town named Køge – a quite pleasant town for a stop by the way…Denmark restaurant

Denmark house bicycle

This day was the least picturesque of the whole trip, plus quite intensive traffic from Copenhagen. Though the wind turbines on the long fields looked fantastic! Huge lands under the heavy clouds… Once again we got a proof that the best pictures with the best play of light and shadow are made in the countries whose climate is considered to be as “bad” one.Denmark wind turbine countryside

Denmark wind turbine countryside

For the first night we planted a tent just in a “picnic area” near the road lol. During all the night we both had nightmares about a truck that lost control and drove directly into our tent. :)


Møn – one of the numerous Danish islands stood out immediately for its relief, quite unusual for Denmark. It was a thing to expect, as Møn is actually famous for its chalk cliffs (Møn Klint).  only ones – the roads were full of German camping cars – an astonishing pilgrimage. A car with Danish number plate started to seem almost exotic. The island is full of cyclists as well – absence of solitude guaranteed.Denmark countryside field

Denmark woman relax A huge bridge leads to the island, only crossing it could bring emotions for the rest of the day – the scenery was just too powerful.Denmark harbour boat

2- Denmark-4

On the edge of the island lay the cliffs themselves that so many people come to see. They are amazing indeed, so the infernal ride we’d made to get there was justified. It is not even the beauty of the scenery which is so impressive, but the contrast with the rest of Danish landscapes, as we talk about real huge cliffs and not little hills.Denmark countryside cliff sea
Denmark countryside cliff sea

Denmark countryside cliff sea

2- Denmark-5

The next day leaving Møn we visited a very old church Fanefjord. It doesn’t look too exciting at the first glance, but inside it’s just wow. All the walls are covered with the frescos, the youngest of which had been created at the end of XV century. It was magic – the Bible stories painted on the walls, it creates such mysterious atmosphere, that when we stepped outside, we were a bit disorientated .Denmark church countryside independentpeople

Denmark church paintings

Denmark church paintings
Denmark church paintings independentpeople

For avoiding roads with traffic, we took a ferry from Bogø to Stubbekøbing and then carried on through Falster island.

The next stop – Ærø!

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  • 160 kr – hot chocolate and dessert at Kaffe Kaelderen
  • 300 kr – fooooood
  • 50 kr – tea and coffe in Præstø
  • 244 kr – great buffet at Støberie in Stege
  • 28 kr – tickets to the ferry Bogø Havn – Stubbekøbing, regularly working during summertime.

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    Now that bridge is for repair.

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    The Most Beautiful Photo – beautiful girl on the bridge

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    Thanks for your warm words :)

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