Skagen: Where the Two Seas Meet

Continental part of Denmark that looks like an octopus head is called Jutland. It was such a pleasure to ride through! Almost no traffic; and you have to cross magically beautiful forests. So sad that we were lacking of time, so we sacrificed Jelling, as well as Legoland even though Xavier still passionately collects Lego! Thanks God, that Skagen covers it all…

2- Denmark-14

independentpeople denmark jutland forest

independentpeople denmark jutland forest

independentpeople denmark jutland forest
independentpeople denmark jutland sea

So finally the most important day arrived. It’s quite exciting moment when you realize that everything that comes after is nothing but coming back to the South. We wanted without any doubt to see Skagen and not far from it – the point where meet two seas: the Baltic sea and the Northern sea. From Skagent to Grenen there are only 3 awesome kilometres, along which we could see another point of interest – the old lighthouses (or rather their reconstruction).2- Denmark-15 Skagen as well is cute thanks to its strong maritime atmosphere. The air smells fish, the harbour was full of boats of every size possible, the houses and streets match organically the style. In fact, Skagen is a very popular vacation destination for the painters and other artists, so it could be a good idea to visit the Skagen museum for the amateurs of seascape painters.independentpeople denmark skagen sea

Colliding of two seas is an extraordinary phenomenon. Dark waves of the Baltic sea crash with the vivid blue ones of the Northern sea and then disappear in the loud splash. In a second it happens again and again.independentpeople denmark skagen sea

independentpeople denmark skagen seaThe Grenen beach itself is entire esthetical pleasure – the gorgeous lighthouse, hills overgrown with long grass, the birds flying over. Old German bunkers that remained since the Second World War somehow don’t spoil the landscape at all. independentpeople denmark skagen sea

independentpeople denmark skagen seaOf course there are loads of tourists, so like in the case of Little Mermaid, we had to queue to take a picture of “two seas”. This beauty was so striking that we completely lost the feeling of time. We regained consciousness just on time to realise that our train to Frederikshavn.independentpeople denmark skagen sea

independentpeople denmark skagen sea

You can laugh, but when planning our itinerary we were sure to have enough of time to have a small ride in Sweden. Yes, it’s funny, but the persuasion that the trip simply couldn’t continue without Sweden was too strong. *Silly smile* But naturally there we saw see strictly nothing. At least we stayed at hotel on the ship which was nice. independentpeople sweden ship hotel

Interesting idea, though why they’d put the mirrors in front of the toilets remains another unsolved mystery.

independentpeople sweden ship hotel

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  • 300 kr –a night in a bungalow in a very nice camping Gyvelborg.
  • 250 kr – foooood
  • 270 kr – great lunch at Café Kloster Torvet in Aalborg
  • 88 kr – train from Aalborg to Sindal
  • 500 kr – a night at Sindal Kro & Hotel
  • 120 kr – train Skagen – Frederikshavn.
  • 600 kr – ferry Frederikshavn – Göteborg
  • 70 € – a night at Barken Viking

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