Fanø: Northern Beauty

When I hear the word «Denmark» I imagine at once two things – Skagen and Fanø. It’s just so stunningly beautiful even when it rains so heavily. Severe northern nature in modest colours. We were told that there are loads of seals living there, but obviously we weren’t lucky – the only one we saw was a semi-putrid corpse. But we saw several roes instead in the middle of the towns!

independentpeople denmark fano

2- Denmark-12And here again we were caught by rain. Not just light drizzle that one can simply tolerate during several minutes, but real cold downpour. It was time to act and to change our ridiculous summer t-shorts into something more serious. Lucky we were – just on that very street was a sports store proposing great discounts. The floor of the shop was covered with buckets to collect the rain running through the roof. We bought everything. Trainers, socks, jackets, hats and gloves. Rain didn’t seem so cold anymore. independentpeople denmark fano

Fanø – is an endless beauty. If I ever write a book, the action will take place just there.

2- Denmark-13

independentpeople denmark fano

independentpeople denmark fano

After a long walk on this severe beach, we decided to come back via the road on the western coast that lies in the sea! Well, I mean that the road is there only during the ebb, but only possibility to take a road like that was amazing. As real cool people we went to check what it’s like. After half an hour of infernal efforts our average speed fell to… 9 km/hour. The wind was too strong and the sandy wet road was slowing us down, and the sea was coming closer and closer. Anyway, we had to push our tandem through swampy hills on the narrow paths or even without any paths at all, in order to reach our dear asphalt. We were swearing like the most experienced sailors. But it must have been cool, if we had taken this road on our way there and not back.independentpeople denmark fano

Yes, we were obliged to stay at hotel. Partially because of the late hour, partially because our misfortunes all our clothes and sleeping material were completely wet. And warm shower again, oh God!

What island do you prefer in Denmark – Fanø or Ærø?

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  • 200 kr – foooood
  • 30 kr – apples bought from the multi-lingual farmer.
  • 80 kr – café.
  • 90 kr – ferry to Esbjerg
  • 120 kr – McDonald’s madness
  • 518 kr – hotel Ansgar in Esbjerg

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