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Erik Roby, the founder of Portland Reflector, solicited us test his new range of reflectors. We are used to this kind of equipment, as when we were living in Estonia, it was mandatory by law to carry such kind of reflectors during wintertime, not only for cyclists but also for pedestrians.

For the test, we received 2 products from the USA :

2 Twilight reflectors, one silver and one blue. With their openings, they are designed to be fixed on the straps of any kind of bags. They are available in two opening width. one Afterglow double magnetic reflector silver/blue. Thanks to its strong magnet, the two sides can be used at the same time, on the back of a jacket or separately on a bicycle’s basket or mudguard.

Portland Reflector bicycle

We were immediately pleased by the accurate fabrication, Made in USA.

We stretched it as best as we could, especially around the openings, it resisted meaning the material used is reliable.

Portland Reflector bicycle

Portland Reflector bicycle

The same for its surface, we put on purpose some chain dirt on it and let it dry: a simple swap from a cloth removed it.

Portland Reflector bicycle

Portland Reflector bicycle

Twilight can be easily installed on any bag’s strap and you don’t think about them anymore. Afterglow is a must to carry with you no matter where you go: fix it on your jacket or your bike, on an unexpected night trip back home.

Portland Reflector bicycle


The test was realised at night, in a dark street in a residential area. The light used for the test is a B&M Ixon IQ 80Lux bicycle lamp.

The results are undisputable: the Twilight and the Afterglow show strong reflector properties, far more than the yellow reflector stripe used as reference. They are highly visible, no matter which colour they are.

We liked :

the high visibility

the made in usa

the Afterglow to clip everywhere from the bike to the jacket, really convenient

the rapid delivery from the USA (at least to the UK)

You can find all of these products on Portland Reflector, available in 5 colours, at the price of 9$ for the Twilight and 19$ for the Afterglow.

Vous pouvez retrouver ces produits sur le site de Portland Reflector, disponibles en 5 couleurs et vendus au prix de 9$ pour le Twilight et 19$ pour l’Afterglow.

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