Estonia off the Beaten Path: Tartu and Peipus

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Small how it is, but with so much to discover – this time we will tell you about beautiful things you can see in the eastern part of Estonia and namely  all around the lake Peipus, or Chudskoe using the Russian name, as it is shared between Russia and Estonia. So let’s start from the beginning!

3 Ideas for a Winter Weekend in Estonia

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2 years in Estonia and so many memories, that we find it difficult to classify them in any kind of order. However, winter is drawing nearer and that’s why we want to recall once again how cool Estonia can be during cold and snowy days.

Autumn in Estonia: in Search of the Silence

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We continue our nostalgic trip to Estonia, and today we want to remind ourselves how gorgeous Estonian autumn was. The Nordic country of forests simply cannot be not splendid in red and yellow. What does autumn in Estonia mean for us?

Discover the Amazing Setos from Estonia

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In the southeastern part of Estonia, there is a country inside the country. We are talking about Setomaa – a place, where lives an ethnic minority which is admired for its determination to keep the traditions and language that pass from generation to generation.

Soomaa: Unbelievable Scenery of Estonia

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There is a place in Estonia that is simply breathtaking. And completely unusual for Estonian landscape. It’s called Soomaa national park which means “land of bogs”. Its peculiarity stands in its name, as the territory of the park includes lots of unique bogs that look striking. But it’s not all. Meadows, forests, wildlife and curious fauna – well, we felt obliged to spend there a weekend.

Estonian islands – best place for cycling ever

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Estonian islands on the west of the country are considered as one of the most beautiful spots and absolutely a must-see spot in Estonia. But what is even better about them is their interest for cyclists-beginners. Baltics countries are known to be absolutely flat, but islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa to addition to this are completely empty. Good asphalt roads exclusively for yourself – what can be better?

10 reasons to love Tallinn

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I think that within two years we’ve been to Tallinn around 15 times. And not a single time did we have a thought like “oh nooo, Tallinn again”, even if it was 209 km from Narva, the town we lived in. Because Tallinn is a real pearl, which is too charming to be bored of. What do we love it for? Very simple!

Postcards from Estonian winter

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We start the series of articles about Estonia, where we spent two happy years, with our most favourite winter sceneries taken in Narva, our town.