Expat diary 2 : England

Sea Kayaking on the Isle of Man

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If there is something that you have to try on the Isle of Man – it would be kayaking. For a simple reason, that the beautiful landscapes and cliffs of the island deserve to be seen from the sea, and believe me, it’s not exactly the same thing in comparison to what you might see from the shore.

Isle of Man: Full Cycling Guide

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I must say that the Isle of Man seemed to us extremely attractive since long time ago. Situated in the Irish Sea, the island doesn’t actually belong to any of the kingdoms of the UK – it is a completely separate territory and moreover, isn’t even a member of the EU (shortly neither will be the UK as it looks). How can this not sound intriguing? We checked the relief, attached our bikes to the car and set off to explore this mysterious island, about which nobody can tell anything except for the famous TT (trophy tour) – we’ll come back to this later.

Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales

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Once we were told that England is a country of diverse sceneries. At first our reaction was scepticism – we crossed the country from South to North and from East to West, and to be honest, we haven’t noticed any major differences. But the more we explore England, the more we are surprised – maybe it’s not as diverse as France, but it is far from being monotonous. Having said that, we present you another proof – The Yorkshire Dales and one of its numerous walking and hiking trails.

How to Cycle in the North York Moors

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One of the undoubtful advantages of living where we do is the proximity of all kinds of stunning places. North York Moors National Park is one of them. A huge territory of forests, valleys, heather moorland as well as unbelievably cozy villages that make it hard to believe that the UK is definitely an urbanized country. Anyway, our tandem had been imprisoned for too long, so it was out of pure humanitarian reasons that we decided to make a tour of the North York Moors by bicycle. Couple of words about it.

Visiting the Brontë World in Haworth

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The Brontë Sisters are probably the most famous talented siblings on the planet in the literature domain. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – these novels are if not read by everyone, but known at the least. Living in England means living near literary temple.  Basically, inside the temple. 

England of Your Dream: a Walk in Yorkshire Moors

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When you forget why exactly you are still living there, where nothing retains you anymore, the solution is to go walking. Fortunately, England offers various walking trails, and lucky us happen to live near one of them.

Blackpool: What the Most Famous UK Resort Looks Like?

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Is the grass greener on the other side? Is the see bluer? Is the West better than East? We went to Blackpool to find out the answer. Just in case, I remind you that we are based in Saltburn, a tiny resort town on the East coast of England. No doubt, there is no competition between such a hidden gem as Saltburn and worldwide famous resort as Blackpool, but we were simply curious to look what such a famous English sea resort looks like.

Travel Guide to Whitby

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There is hardly any place in Yorkshire as charming as Whitby. And it looks like hundreds of tourists invading Whitby every sunny day agree with us. Still no matter how crowded it can be,

Gallery of York Details

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You know, why York is great? Not only because of its obvious charm, but also, because of its… hidden beauty. Hundreds of small fascinating details decorate York streets, but you must be damn attentive

2 Pearls of Yorkshire: Robin Hood’s Bay & Scarborough

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We continue our exploration of Yorkshire coast pearls, so this time we visited two charming towns –Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough, which are both worth of traveller’s attention. That’s definitely one of the advantages of living where we live :)

Bridges of Newcastle

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne can’t show off with a particular tourist flow. Still, it has the reputation of the most festive city of England, being known for completely crazy parties on Friday and Saturday night. However, Newcastle is not all about drunk parties and its famous Geordie accent (that we absolutely failed to trace). It strikes first of all with its unique bridge collection, connecting Newcastle to Gateshead – its twin city on another side of Tyne.

8 Things to Love about York

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York is a fairy-tale town. It’s exactly one of those places that you start liking as soon as your train stops near the platform, and we love the fact that we live close enough to go there regularly. Why York is so charming? Here are all the reasons you have to see, to hear and to try.

Six months in England

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Simply impossible to believe, that it’s been no less than 6 months since we moved to England. It feels as if it happened yesterday, or actually centuries ago. We were so immerged in discovering our new life that we completely failed to keep a regular record of everything happening around, so time to make a short overview of the months passed.

Durham: North England Gem

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Former capital of North-East England, Durham is a small, but historically rich town, whose university can rival with Oxford and Cambridge. Apart from this, it’s a charming place for a day-trip. Let’s see what Durham can offer to its visitors.

Reportage from Grand National: Ladies Day

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There are things that are better to be seen once than told ten times. Grand National is definitely one of those. Grand National is an annual Horse Race that takes place since 1839 and considered as one of the most important horse racing events in the world. We went to the Liverpool area, more precisely to Aintree, to participate in this massive action accompanied by our friend, Keith Mercer, ex-jockey who used to ride here himself and even finished fifth several years ago. He was our official guide through the whole day.

Several Thoughts about Liverpool

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Using the occasion of Grand National Race, we went to spend a weekend in Liverpool area. Liverpool was the first big city of England that we really visited and not just passed by, spent a stopover or stayed for a night. Was it a good experience? Yes and no, but it did all but left us indifferent.

Staithes: The pearl of Yorkshire #1

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Finally, finally we are settled, all the redecorations are definitely over, the weather gets better every day (well, kind of), and we started exploring the North of England, and even more precisely –Yorkshire Coast. And the first pearl of this marvellous area is a tiny village Staithes.

Winter Farewell: Roseberry Topping

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So there is snow in England! Three months in our new country passed like a week, we even didn’t notice winter come and go, but we did notice the total absence of snow! Which is quite a shame, considering our previous expatriation country… But! Thanks to our new friends who have a fantastic advantage – being locals told us where to find some snow :) Roseberry Topping!

Jubilee chicken: English food pause

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No, we are not dead, but we are so occupied with the repair of the new flat that we had neither time nor motivation to start actually living in England. This weekend, however, we took the time to cook something very English, and it’s not about eggs and bacon, though we’ll come back to this subject later. :) We are talking about the Coronation Chicken. This dish was created specially for the coronation of dear Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and now is widely served practically everywhere. Well, it looks quite strange and definitely not too royal, but believe me, it is delicious.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea: Our New Home

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Originally, we were supposed to live in Middlesbrough, but once we saw Saltburn-by-the-Sea, we changed our mind. Partly because Middlesbrough isn’t extremely likeable town, partly because Saltburn is so much likeable.

First Week in England

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It’s been one week that we are in England and still we behave as if it was our first time on the Mars. The thing is that when you arrive somewhere to LIVE, you percept everything around from a very different point of you than if it was just a travel. We are ready to share our very first observations and thoughts, even if 70% of our time we spend in apartment hunting.

We are Moving!

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We are ready for a new life period. Several days ago Xavier got a new working contract and this time Independent People are moving to (drum-roll)… England! We’ve visited the half of Europe,