Jubilee chicken: English food pause

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No, we are not dead, but we are so occupied with the repair of the new flat that we had neither time nor motivation to start actually living in England. This weekend, however, we took the time to cook something very English, and it’s not about eggs and bacon, though we’ll come back to this subject later. :) We are talking about the Coronation Chicken. This dish was created specially for the coronation of dear Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and now is widely served practically everywhere. Well, it looks quite strange and definitely not too royal, but believe me, it is delicious.

What and Where to eat in the Basque Country?

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The Basque cuisine is famous, if not within the whole world, but at least in France and Spain for sure. The basque chicken, the basque cake, the basque cheese – there is something to try. During three days we tasted this.