Jubilee chicken: English food pause

No, we are not dead, but we are so occupied with the repair of the new flat that we had neither time nor motivation to start actually living in England. This weekend, however, we took the time to cook something very English, and it’s not about eggs and bacon, though we’ll come back to this subject later. :) We are talking about the Coronation Chicken. This dish was created specially for the coronation of dear Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and now is widely served practically everywhere. Well, it looks quite strange and definitely not too royal, but believe me, it is delicious.

Jubilee chicken

Jubilee chicken

If you pay attention to the length of the list of ingredients and combine it with the look of the result, you might think that it just contains all the remainings of unfinished dinners over the past week. Almost. :D

What does it contain? So, you’ll need:

8 chicken legs, seeds of cumin, garam masala spice, saffron, hot pepper powder, olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, ginger, lemon, almonds, sesame, pineapple, cucumber, spring onions, red pepper, yoghurt, limes, fresh coriander. The whole cooking process you can find here, it took 2 hours approximatively and it was so so so tasty!

Jubilee chicken

To conclude this subject – English cuisine has something to offer, and we are going to explore what are its bests!

Jubilee chicken

Bon Appétit!

What’s your favourite real English meal? What should we absolutely try? :)

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jubilee chicken

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