French Basque Country: Biarritz

Finally the most important day came. The day when we were going to find out why Xavier’s sister goes to spend her holidays in Biarritz three-four times per year. Once again we had a proof, that the absence of any expectations is a clue for good mood and joy. But definitely not the great ones.

Biarritz differs a lot from the other cities of the Basque Country. Long time ago it was a poor village, a bit useless because of the stormy ocean and cliffs on the shore that didn’t allow to build a harbour. But one day the Empress claimed that this town is exactly what she needs for her “holidays”. Thus Biarritz turned into the favourite vacation spot for the aristocrats and other bourgeois with appropriate prices, architecture and mentality. Time hasn’t brought any significant changes, however, to correspond to the Basque style, one can observe strange efforts of the town to underline their Basque origin. After all, these days people search for originality and authenticity. The result is nonsense.2015.06_Pays Basque-685

From the architectural point of view the buildings are so strangely mixed. Gorgeous Hausmanian houses are followed by the huge hotels for holidays, small Basque houses and other modern constructions. The center is full of boutiques and fashionable stores. No spirit, no kindness. At the same time the streets are quite dirty. We didn’t dare to check the prices; the branch of tiny cherry tomatoes for 4 euro was enough.2015.06_Pays Basque-676

The nature is beautiful, of course. Marvellous cliffs, long beach. The surfers hanging around in the city. But even off-season so many tourists! I don’t want to imagine what happens during the season. Well, after several hours we were ready to go.

2015.06_Pays Basque-711

2015.06_Pays Basque-117

2015.06_Pays Basque-675

Our train departed from Bayonne – a real Basque town this time. We didn’t have too much time, but the town is really cute.

2015.06_Pays Basque-726

2015.06_Pays Basque-734

2015.06_Pays Basque-736

I want every house to have such tables!2015.06_Pays Basque-728

And these are the traces of Basque patriotic movements.2015.06_Pays Basque-746

That was a great trip! When there is an occasion, we’ll definitely continue to explore the Basque Country on the Spanish side!

Our favourite Basque city is Saint-Jean-de-Luz. And what is yours ?

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