French Basque Country: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

After Hendaye through the fields and the hills, we went to Saint-Jean-de-Luz. In this town you can easily spend the whole holidays, it really deserves it! I would say that it’s the best place we’ve seen during this trip. And considering the crowd of the tourists, people share our opinion. :)

2015.06_Pays Basque-349The beauty starts even before Saint-Jean-de-Luz – in Socoa.

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There is a huge sea wall that separates the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz from the Ocean, that means that no matter how strong the storm is, the bay remains calm and peaceful.2015.06_Pays Basque-400

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is famous for the fact that the wedding of Louis XIV with the Spanish princess took place there. So the main sights of the town are the houses where both of them were waiting for the ceremony, and the church, whose main entrance was walled up afterwards for no one else could ever pass after the King. Today all the square near Louis’s house is full of little cafés.

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The town itself is pure esthetic pleasure . The atmosphere of the authentic harbor is marvelous, it’s just so easy to imagine how it used to be many years ago with all the sailors shouting, the seagulls chasing the fish, the squeaking sound of the boats swinging on the waves. Well, just like in Brittany, but with good weather.

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By happy chance we got to a training/competition of the basque national game Pelote. Wikipedia suggests that it is a kind of squash, but just have a look what they play with!

2015.06_Pays Basque-588

2015.06_Pays Basque-618

So authentic and especially for free, what can’t be said about the official games. Have a look if you pass by the avenue André Ithuraldenear Carrefour market, and maybe you’ll be lucky as well.

One more activity that is authentic – surfing! The surfers turn in the water waiting for the waves at any time of the day especially in Biarritz, our next stop.

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