Take the best from Reykjavik

Let’s be honest, Reykjavik is far to be the most unforgettable city that you’ve ever seen in your life, I think you agree with us. Excluding museums and similar time-consuming things, we would recommend a day to visit all curiosities of Reykjavik. However, everything depends on your approach and with a bit of fantasy, we can explore Iceland’s capital during… forever :)

So when you are in Reykjavik, make sure to…

1. Assist to a mess in the Hallgrímskirkja.

Reykjavik’s major symbol is this… quite conceptual church. You can’t tick Reykjavik in your bucket lists before you get up the observation tower to take the picture of this view. :)

Reykjavik panorama

And this…


But it offers much more than that! In order to add some authenticity to your visit, try to assist during the Sunday mess, or at least meet the priests after the service. If you are audacious enough, have a nice chat about the modern art exposed in Hallgrímskirkja, which is worth of separate attention.


2. Go to Harpa and count the dark-heads.

Opera house Harpa is another “must” of Reykjavik. Even if the building is quite recent (built in 2011), it has already become iconic and, well, it’s fair. These glass glitters are absolutely hypnotizing, especially during the sunny days or sunsets.

Harpa Reykjavik

Harpa Reykjavik

We love observing people, oh yes. That’s why we waited the end of a concert and stayed around thirty minutes counting the kids who were not blond.

Harpa Reykjavik

3. Sólfar – Sun Voyager

A bit of honours for the Icelandic Viking ancestors who used to spend so much time in the sea discovering the unexplored lands (like Northern America). The quay with Sun Voyager is a lovely place for walking, jogging or cycling, unless the weather makes it the opposite.

Sun Voyager Reykjavik

4. Participate to a gay-pride of Reykjavik!

It seemed to us that Iceland’s gay-pride is a very important event every year. Unfortunately, we missed it, but the remainings added a bright touch to the face of the city!



5. Have a walk in the harbor.

Make sure to take a warm coat – on the harbor, it’s particularly humid and windy.

Reykjavik harbor

6. Have a burger in some very bohemian spot!

You have already heard that burgers and Cola have almost become Icelandic traditional food (just after a sheep head and so on), so spending your lunch in some bohemian burger café is exactly what you would like.

Reykjavik café

7. Enjoy the amazing street art of Reykjavik

Street art can make any ugly city interesting, Reykjavik is not an exception – you will see yourself.

Reykjavik street art
Reykjavik street art

Well, almost always.


8. Take a bike and explore the remote parts of Reykjavik…

…which are much more beautiful than the center. Have a look at Grótta Island Lighthouse, and this interesting monument to…fish? fishermen? several kilometers further.

Reykjavik Lighthouse



A nice sunny day should be spent on the beach Ylströdin Nautholsvik, maybe then it is less empty.

Reykjavik beach


9. Have a walk in the centre and participate to a great and crowded outdoor party!

Check out the lake Reykjavikurtjörn and the Town hall, as well as the main square! Lol, we are joking, the night life of Reykjavik is, on the contrary, quite active.

Reykjavik centre
Reykjavik main square

10. Spend a fortune on the souvenirs.

It took us many efforts not to buy everything we saw in the souvenir shops. Honestly, how to resist to an Icelandic condom?

Iceland souvenirs
Reykjavik souvenir

11. Admire the selection in the fish shops.

Your sad opportunity to see the whale meat on your own eyes. We encourage you to stay whale friendly though.

Reykjavik fish store

Outside Reykjavik

1. Wool store Alafoss.

If you are fond of knitting or if you search for a great Icelandic sweater, we recommend you going to Mosfellsbær (only 10 kilometres from Reykjavik) and having a long shopping session in Alafoss wool store. You can go even further and try getting a guided tour in the factory Istex, where the wool is processed and put on the yarns.

Reykjavik wool store

2. Racks of dry fish.

Do you want to see the creepiest place of Iceland? 15 kilometres from Reykjavik in the direction of Keflavik, and you’ll see the racks of thousands fish skeletons. Of various sizes and kinds. This place can’t be missed – imagine the smell and the noise caused by the birds in search of food. We haven’t found out yet the purpose of this interesting installation, but we think that first the skeletons must be dried before getting burnt. If you have more sensible ideas – please, share :)

Iceland: dried fish racks

Iceland: dried fish racks

That was our unserious guide to Reykjavik. What have you tried/seen/heard there, that should be immediately added to the list? :)

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Take the best from Reykjavik
Take the best from Reykjavik

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