5 Cities You Can’t Miss in North of Italy

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To explore Italy as it deserves, a lifetime can be not enough. However, we keep trying to do our best, so every single year we come back to this amazing country to discover something new. This time we set off to explore several cities of North Italy. As usual – no disappointment.

10 Reasons Why Turin Rocks

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When talking about Italy, Turin is never mentioned as a must-visit spot. Even more, Turin is one of the Italian cities that looks everything but Italy as we like to imagine it. Lazy sunny afternoons,

Train Trip: 10 days, 5 countries

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Train travelling remains the most authentic, scenic and romantic way of exploring the world. Personally, I can’t help thinking of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”. Even if nowadays the cost of travelling by train is quite disappointing, there is still a budget way to have a great train trip.

Venice: Photo Essay

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What is the best way to explore Venice? Just take your time and get lost. As much and as long as you can, because for us 5 days were not enough. During this stay we visited nothing, no museums, no churches, nothing. The only thing we were doing was just walking. Slowly and in random direction. And that was one of our best travels ever. Ever.