Nordkapp Over Again

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We have already told about the journey to the North Cape, Nordkapp in Norwegian. The most northern point of continental Europe is exactly as dramatic as it sounds, but I’m afraid that we didn’t

Where and How to Spot and Photograph the Northern Lights?

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Winter is on its way and it means the best time to chase the Northern Lights is coming. Less than 10 years ago, a mere possibility to go to the extreme north would sound crazy, but over the last years it became one of the most attractive destinations for real adventurers. No wonder that seeing Northern Lights is on the first position of the things to experience, so let us share some tips on how and where to spot them and how to photograph this majestic phenomenon.

How to spend a weekend in Oslo for 80€

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Norway has a reputation of one of the most expensive countries in the world. Sadly, but it is true. In the sake of experiment, we had set an objective – to spend as less as possible during two days in Oslo, and it was a bit of fun. Wonder how to have a great weekend in Oslo with an extremely tight budget? We’ll tell you that!

North Cape: Winter Saga

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As it’s not every day that we walk above the polar circle, we decided to push even further and actually reach the North Cape – the most northern point of Europe. From Finland, we went directly to Norway and we were just stunned to see how immediately the sceneries altered. Norway is a unique country at it simply can’t be confused with anything else. Fjords, amazing mountains and… scary roads for non-experienced drivers. Living in Estonia, which is the flattest country possible didn’t prepare us for the roads like these!

All about the Winter Road Trip in Finland & Norway

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Okay, this is Robby, and he is our house and vehicle for a mind-blowing road trip to Finland and Norway, which is so far one of our craziest trips ever (even crazier that cycling around Iceland, and it means something.) So here is everything you need to know if one day you’d like to reach the European most northern point.