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Blackpool: What the Most Famous UK Resort Looks Like?

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Is the grass greener on the other side? Is the see bluer? Is the West better than East? We went to Blackpool to find out the answer. Just in case, I remind you that we are based in Saltburn, a tiny resort town on the East coast of England. No doubt, there is no competition between such a hidden gem as Saltburn and worldwide famous resort as Blackpool, but we were simply curious to look what such a famous English sea resort looks like.

Travel Guide to Whitby

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There is hardly any place in Yorkshire as charming as Whitby. And it looks like hundreds of tourists invading Whitby every sunny day agree with us. Still no matter how crowded it can be,

2 Pearls of Yorkshire: Robin Hood’s Bay & Scarborough

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We continue our exploration of Yorkshire coast pearls, so this time we visited two charming towns –Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough, which are both worth of traveller’s attention. That’s definitely one of the advantages of living where we live :)

Durham: North England Gem

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Former capital of North-East England, Durham is a small, but historically rich town, whose university can rival with Oxford and Cambridge. Apart from this, it’s a charming place for a day-trip. Let’s see what Durham can offer to its visitors.

Staithes: The pearl of Yorkshire #1

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Finally, finally we are settled, all the redecorations are definitely over, the weather gets better every day (well, kind of), and we started exploring the North of England, and even more precisely –Yorkshire Coast. And the first pearl of this marvellous area is a tiny village Staithes.

One day in the Castle of Carcassonne

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La cité de Carcassonne is one of the most visited sights of France, so, if you happen to be a fan of everything medieval, Carcassonne is something you should see at least once in your life (better more than one). Why? Because it’s the biggest medieval town of Europe. Actually, it’s massive!

Two great day-trips from Stockholm

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I think it’s impossible to get tired of Stockholm, but if you want to escape “big city” atmosphere, Sweden offers great possibilities! We tried two of them that we sincerely recommend you.

One day in Bordeaux

By | May 31st, 2015|Categories: France, One Day Trips|Tags: , , |

Bordeaux was our departing point for the small trip along the Canal de Garonne. But this city deserves a separate post! We love Bordeaux ! Magnificent city in which we like simply everything. I would say that on the contrary to Paris or Marseille, Bordeaux is a real typical French city that corresponds to every stereotype about France. Relaxed atmosphere, useless scarves, gorgeous architecture, cosy cafés and chateaux in the city outskirts. Critics like to make acid remarks reminding that Bordeaux owes its « aristocratic and bourgeois spirit» to its slave-trade in XVIII century that used to considerably richen the local aristocrats. Lol, maybe that is a reason why Bordeaux is much less multi-ethnic city than any other one in France.