Taking a Walk in Moscow

January 19th, 2017|

People are divided into two groups: those, who love, and those who hate Moscow. Everything, but indifference. On one hand it’s a huge (you don’t even imagine how enormous the city is) metropolis filled with possibilities, ever-changing face and a whole world inside, on the other – intimidating, imperial, oppressing, overcrowded, polluted. Depends on what you choose to see and the way to consider everything seen. I like Moscow. But exclusively because somehow it fills me with nostalgia for that large post-soviet pain people feel every day leaning against the doors in a huge underground web. Doors with a clear demand: do not lean against the door. Even if I was born and raised in Ukraine, Moscow gives me a peculiar home longing. A painful but somehow pleasant feeling to be just another person in a huge mass of people. And this feeling is particularly reinforced in winter.

7 Things to Hate about Saint Petersburg

November 19th, 2016|

Petersburg is one of those cities that can cause any kind of feeling except for indifference. However, no matter how loudly some visitors can admire the golden roofs of the “northern capital”, Saint Pete has some sad sides. They don’t devaluate Petersburg as an interesting touristic and historical place, but let’s just follow the principle « forewarned is forearmed », which in our case means “avoiding of a potential deception”.

Winter in Saint Petersburg: Your Weekend Guide

November 15th, 2016|

Our relationship with Russia has never been simple. Especially with Saint Petersburg. When I (Valeriia) was a teenager, I spent a year living in Russian city of culture. As you may understand, being a 13 y.o. uprooted from your environment in Kyiv and brought to a place, which was politically and historically unpleasant to you, let alone difficult climate – nothing could really create a terrible love to Saint Petersburg, no matter what advantages it might have. Being back there as a tourist and adult is a completely different thing. Still, no love from the second glance happened, so excuse us please if there won’t be any long admirations of the good old Pete. Let’s go for a walk then!