Why You Shouldn’t Miss Ukrainian Winter

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Winter must be cold. It’s my strong conviction that I won’t trade for any warm and sunny days on the planet. Unfortunately, putting aside the rare exceptions, England doesn’t offer us too much of this

25 Years of Our Independence

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Ukraine lives through difficult time these days. Or rather – these last years. However, we are still keeping our heads up hoping, hoping and hoping again. Hoping for changes, hoping for understanding and support from

Hoverla: On the Top of Ukraine

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Not everybody knows that the Carpathian mountains are not limited by Romania and Slovakia, but they also form a small stripe in the West Ukraine. And just there is located the highest Ukrainian summit – Hoverla.

Mini Kyiv: Photo Walk

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Tilt Shift effect is the best way to make any place at all look cute and “aaaaawwww”. We were so curious about how it feels to get what you see in “miniature”, that we hired a tilt-shift lens and went to a photo-hunt in Kyiv. By the way, this effect can be easily made with Photoshop or similar software, but it’s much less interesting. :) Not sure, that the result was successful, it’s up to you to tell us!

From Toulouse to Kyiv by Train

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Duration: 3 days / 3 nights In the train: 43:46  Trains: Toulouse – Paris Paris – Warsaw Warsaw – Kyiv Total cost: 556€ for the tickets Our today’s world is so modern that it can make any journey around the world last not only less than 80 days, but even less than 80 hours. Planes with the most unexpected connections allow covering absolutely crazy distances so fast that there is not enough time to have a good sleep. You know it already anyway. But admiring the landscapes and feeling every kilometre left behind make also a delicious part of journey. That’s why this time we decided to travel from Toulouse to Kyiv in the old way which means by train. So how it happened.

7 reasons to visit Ukraine

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Now we’ll talk a lot about Ukraine. To write about Ukraine is very difficult as it‘s my (Valeriia’s) Motherland and perceiving it objectively is not the easiest thing. But we all know that the more you travel, the better you learn your own country, and this case is not an exception. Of course, I couldn’t do without my objective counsellor Xavier.