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What Makes Warsaw so Special

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Warsaw surprised us a lot. In a very good way. It happens that Poland was one of the countries that suffered the most from the Second World War, and the old town of Warsaw was literally destroyed into pieces and rebuilt after. It is also funny to watch the debate “Warsaw or Krakow” arise the second you mention about your intention to visit Polish capital. We decided to check ourselves to answer this question “Warsaw or Krakow?”

Taking a Walk in Moscow

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People are divided into two groups: those, who love, and those who hate Moscow. Everything, but indifference. On one hand it’s a huge (you don’t even imagine how enormous the city is) metropolis filled with possibilities, ever-changing face and a whole world inside, on the other – intimidating, imperial, oppressing, overcrowded, polluted. Depends on what you choose to see and the way to consider everything seen. I like Moscow. But exclusively because somehow it fills me with nostalgia for that large post-soviet pain people feel every day leaning against the doors in a huge underground web. Doors with a clear demand: do not lean against the door. Even if I was born and raised in Ukraine, Moscow gives me a peculiar home longing. A painful but somehow pleasant feeling to be just another person in a huge mass of people. And this feeling is particularly reinforced in winter.

How to spend a weekend in Oslo for 80€

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Norway has a reputation of one of the most expensive countries in the world. Sadly, but it is true. In the sake of experiment, we had set an objective – to spend as less as possible during two days in Oslo, and it was a bit of fun. Wonder how to have a great weekend in Oslo with an extremely tight budget? We’ll tell you that!

10 reasons to love Tallinn

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I think that within two years we’ve been to Tallinn around 15 times. And not a single time did we have a thought like “oh nooo, Tallinn again”, even if it was 209 km from Narva, the town we lived in. Because Tallinn is a real pearl, which is too charming to be bored of. What do we love it for? Very simple!

Mini Kyiv: Photo Walk

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Tilt Shift effect is the best way to make any place at all look cute and “aaaaawwww”. We were so curious about how it feels to get what you see in “miniature”, that we hired a tilt-shift lens and went to a photo-hunt in Kyiv. By the way, this effect can be easily made with Photoshop or similar software, but it’s much less interesting. :) Not sure, that the result was successful, it’s up to you to tell us!

Take the best from Reykjavik

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Let’s be honest, Reykjavik is far to be the most unforgettable city that you’ve ever seen in your life, I think you agree with us. Excluding museums and similar time-consuming things, we would recommend a day to visit all curiosities of Reykjavik. However, everything depends on your approach and with a bit of fantasy, we can explore Iceland’s capital during… forever :) So when you are in Reykjavik, make sure to…

9 Musts of Stockholm

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No doubt – Stockholm is the most beautiful Scandinavian capital. With all our love to Copenhagen, there is no question where we would prefer to come back or live. These were five very special days, now let us tell you what makes Stockholm so unforgettable and what are its absolute Musts.

Stopover in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

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In the previous post we told you about our sad ferry experience… However, there was a shining positive moment: 6 hours in Torshavn. Despite horrible wind, grey sky and non-stopping seasick we were enchanted by this little town and swore to come back, but not by ferry :) So here are several shots of this windy paradise…

9 places to see in Copenhagen

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Logical start of our Denmark adventure is Copenhagen! Copenhagen is just like Stockholm – you fall in love with immediately! It is a city that breathes with health and well-being. Beautiful people, beautiful streets, beautiful buildings and, God, so many bicycles. Scandinavian dream in reality – people are jogging, do not smoke, hang around everywhere with their blond-angelic-children – shortly speaking – idyll. Even for jogging they use special prams for taking kids with! Looking at this, it seems logic why the Danes consider themselves as the happiest people on our planet. The city is big enough to be spacious for the thousands of tourists; one can walk there for hours, both in the old town and modern districts that could seem too modern, by the way.