TanDenmark: How to cycle around in two weeks?

Finally  we are ready to become officially the members of cycling community! Now the short rides to the beach and back are over! From now on we are pride owners of a tremendous tandem, and the choice of the destination for our first serious biking trip was easy – Denmark. Of course, a flat country, small sized, perfect infrastructure – ready to go. And Denmark turned out to be absolutely fantastic. It has stunning variety of landscapes for such a small country, about which we used to know literally nothing apart from Little Mermaid…


15 days / 14 nights
Total cost:
9337 kr
860 swe.kr

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Date   Distance
09.08 København 4 km
10.08 København 36 km
11.08 København – Præstø 86 km
12.08 Præstø – Tåstrup 88 км
13.08 Tåstrup – Stokkemarke 96 km
14.08 Stokkemarke – Ærø 75 km
15.08 Ærø – Odense 67 km
16.08 Odense – Fanø 62 km
17.08 Fanø – Esbjerg 43 km
18.08 Esbjerg – Nørre Snede 101 km
19.08 Nørre Snede – Hobro 95 km
20.08 Hobro – Sindal 90 km
21.08 Sindal – Göteborg (SWE) 65 km
22.08 Göteborg – København 56 km
23.08 København 10 km
974 km


As we still live in Narva, Estonia, we had a long procedure ahead of transporting our tandem to Tallinn, then to the airport to take off to Copenhagen. We had again to use a torn and pathetic box, even if it’s not obligatory, it’s still safer. independentpeople denmark tandem boxDelivering company CargoBus brought the bike to Tallinn, then after some efforts and loud negotiations with the driver, we stuffed it into taxi. Fortunately, at least Estonian Air is loyal to the bikes, so even our “oversized” one was accepted for free. That, sadly, can’t be said about SAS, which made us pay 40€ for the return flight.Tandem Denmark In Copenhagen we took a minivan-taxi to get to the city and the box was left for two weeks at local CouchSurfer’s. Bicycles are also accepted in Danish trains, though not for free, even the tandems.independentpeople denmark tandem in the train


Nothing to say – Denmark is a cycling paradise! The infrastructure is simply gorgeous. Danish love to bicycles is partially explained by a correct governmental policy – the tax for buying a car is extremely high that automatically makes a bicycle a very beneficial transport in all respects. It’s not just painted line that separates road for car from a bikeway; no, but it’s a separate road on a level between the road and pavement. There are separate traffic lights for bikes, separate viaducts, lines for those who continue forward or those, who turn. Outside  the cities the drivers, as a rule, are very comprehensive towards cyclists, so we felt totally safe riding with the cars. We had only one technical problem – a punctured air chamber because of a nail laying on the road, but it was quickly (and for free) repaired by a Dane who had been passing near. As navigating material we had a great iPhone application offline GPS maps.me.


Two weeks spent in Denmark turned out to be diametrically opposite. The first week felt actually like basic summer – sunny and awfully hot, but the second one pleased us with 10-15°C and constant rain. If to be honest, we sincerely counted on the first type of weather so not a single piece of warm clothes was taken. Lol As a result – we had to equip ourselves completely starting with the trainers and finishing with hats. Bravo. By the way, one important detail – planning your route, check the wind direction. There must be a reason why there are so many wind turbines in Denmark! :D And the contrary wind doesn’t really help to move.independentpeople denmark tandem socks

Accommodation and nutrition.

For Copenhagen, no doubt, it was Airbnb.Copenhagen, Denmark
For the rest – campings! Even if officially «wild camping» in Denmark is forbidden, it didn’t really bother us. During the entire good-weather-week we slept in the tent, but our sleeping bags are not forseen for the temperatures lower than 10°C, so we had to stay several times in the hotels, when the weather finished its “good” period. There exist loads of official campings, but even for “budget variant” they are quite expensive and, as a rule, demand a special camping card. Though when we were already home, it turned out that Denmark provides free camping sites with a rain shelter, fireplace, sometimes even toilets and paid shower, and without knowing that we had stayed a couple of times just there.independentpeople Denmark countryside tent camping As Denmark is a relatively urbanised country, one cross the cities and villages quite often, that spared us of carrying food supply on ourselves for the ten days coming. Long live the supermarkets; especially considering that gastronomic tourism will become popular there in the next life, probably. It’s hard to imagine how many packets of dried fruit and nuts we devoured in two weeks. (The pic below has nothing to do with nuts!)Denmark sausages sandwich independentpeople


Amazing, but everyone in Denmark speaks English. We didn’t meet any single person even among some really unexpected individual, even in the most remote villages who couldn’t fluently speak English. And the people are so friendly – they gladly propose their garden for installing the tent and even to sleep in their house if we like.

So, let’s go!

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