Week-end in Pau

We came to Pau to visit another pack of aunts and uncles and using the occasion to have a look around the city with such a remarkable name. Pau is another example of a fading city. Once upon a time it was lively and rich due to the aristocratic population living there, but now all the aristocrats are old, and the youth is moving to the bigger cities, even if Pau remains the centre of the historical region Béarn.

In Pau everyone has two see two things: the palace of Henri IV and the boulevard des Pyrénées. So let’s start with the first point.

One of the most loved kings of France was born just here in Pau, that served as an unbeatable reason to call everything after him. We’ll not go into details of long French history, it’s enough to say that Henri IV was famous enough to make us want to visit the palace. By the way you can enter it only with a guided tour, which, contrary to our expectations, was not boring at all and with no excessive use of dates and unknown names. In one word, it was very interesting.

And the second « must » point – the Boulevard des Pyrénées. It is a very long boulevard that offers a unique view on the Pyrenees chain. Well… In the perfect world it looks like this :4492798650_74cd537b7e_b


And what we saw : independent people Pau boulevard des Pyrénées

Disappointing, isn’t it ? The indications on the fence underlines the bitter irony since we were supposed to see even the certain summits. Unfortunately, it depends a lot on the weather conditions. Well, not this time for us.

But it wasn’t the end of our Pau adventures! We found out that not far from the city (we had a lift by car) there are the caves of Jurançon wine producer that are open for the visits. Guided tours as well and absolutely for free. Frankly speaking it was one of the worst guided tours in my life – to this extent our guide was mumbling. So unfortunately we didn’t learn too much BUT… the degustation was generous indeed…

Nobody will leave this place without a bottle of decent wine. ;)
independent people Pau wine Jurançon


independent people Pau wine Jurançon
Actually Pau is a green and pleasant city, but doesn’t differ too much from any other city of France of this size. We were lucky enough to spend a Music Day festival there, so only positive impressions.

The centre of Pau is situated on a hill, for the particularly not sportive people works a free funicular.independent people pau funicular

independent people Pau centre

Where to eat in Pau?

Pau isn’t a city which overabounds with restaurants, but what we tried and what we liked :
20€ – two huge salads at Aragon on the Boulevard des Pyrénées
44€ – two menus at the restaurant Henri IV (are you surprised ?) – only good memories
5€ – an ice-cream at Métayer Stéphane. They claim that the ice-cream is 100% natural and hand-made. Can anyone explain what the flavour Smurf means ?? But there are quite delicious flavours as well, among which one can find even « basque pepper »!

We liked Pau. And our aunts visit was quite successfull, so mission was accomplished.

And were you lucky enough to see the Pyrenees chain? :)

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  • 2 days/ 1 night
  • budget: 145€ for two.

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