What and Where to eat in the Basque Country?

The Basque cuisine is famous, if not within the whole world, but at least in France and Spain for sure. The basque chicken, the basque cake, the basque cheese – there is something to try. During three days we tasted this.


As it is more spanish than french, we tried them in Hondarribia.
There is so many cozy restaurants and bars here that choosing something was not easy. Finally, we just entered the first one on our way and we didn’t regret. The tapas were delicious!

2015.06_Pays Basque-170

2015.06_Pays Basque-172
Among all the classical ones, the award of the more succulent comes back to the jamon with goat cheese and dry fig and its balsamic cream. We accompanied them with the local cider, which is bitterer than its cousin from Brittany.

  • 36€ – tapas at Txantxangorri.


Fishing is part of the culture of the basque country and important part of the gastronomy.
In Hendaye we went to La Poissonnerie following the TripAdvisor. It is an amazing place. Basically, it is a fish shop, where you can choose the fish you like and get it cooked. Very honest and welcoming, the principle of this place: no freezing, which guarantees absolute freshness of the food, and huge, huge plates. 30€ for a menu per person is an extremely fair price, considering the quality and the quantity of the food.
Special mention to the staff for their kindness and explanations delivered about the dishes and their activity.

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2015.06_Pays Basque-342

2015.06_Pays Basque-346

  • 60€ – the dinner at La Poissonnerie

Basque cake

In Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz one can try the best basque cake in the world – at Maison Adam. You have the choice between several stuffing but the most traditional are the crème patissière with almonds and the black cherry jam. It tastes delicious no matter how big it is!
The same shop is also the creator of the Macarron of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, but it is not as remarkable as the basque cake.2015.06_Pays Basque-429

  • 4€ – 2 cakes at Maison Adam


When they are not turned to the Ocean, the Basques are mountain people. They breed sheep and cow and make delicious cheese of each of them or mixed one. Of course you can find commercial brands in super markets, but the best, if you can’t go directly to the producer in the mountains is to go to markets and buy authentic ones.

We went to the market in Biarritz hoping to find something not too expensive – what a bitter disappointment. We ended with a piece of cheese for 10€ but it deserved it.
At least, if you want more sweetness, there is one more Maison Adam…

For the rest of the budget, we put it supermarket and caterer load for picnic and cocktails.

independent people basque country saint jean de luz drink

  • 25€ – some vegetables, cheese and chicken
  • 16€ – Chakola charcuterie
  • 14€ – two mojitos at Le Petit Suisse just in front of the Louis XIV house

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  1. Bailey @ Weekends & Wanders Thursday January 7th, 2016 at 11:31 PM - Reply

    I studied abroad in the Basque country in Bilbao! It’s a wonderfully amazing place with so much great food and unique culture that blends so many worlds. I love that area of Europe! My favorite place to eat in Bilbao was Cafe Iruña and the BEST pintxos I ate in Spain were in San Sebastián.

    • independentpeople Saturday January 9th, 2016 at 07:19 PM - Reply

      Can’t wait to explore the Spanish Basque Country, just thinking of it makes me hungry :)
      As Xavier is from the South of France, we happen to be in the area quite often, so thanks for your food-tip!

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