Our 7 Iceland Favourites

Before coming to Iceland we made one big mistake – we looked through hundreds (but feels like millions) of articles and photos entitled “best sights of Iceland”, “top-10 things to see in Iceland”, “5 reasons to come to Iceland” etc. So, as everyone, we dreamt to see the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle, Ice Lagoon Jökulsarlon, the lake Myvant and all the other “bests” recommended by every single guidebook. On the pictures, all of them looked like an incredible miracle, but life teaches us again and again not to trust the photoshoped images which make you believe, that the weather is always great and over the waterfall Gulfoss a permanent rainbow is sticked. Finally, when we arrived to all these spots, in 80% of cases we were disappointed. No, not because they are not beautiful, of course they are, but mainly because the postcards were more stunning than the reality. And, of course, no one can see fifty buses full of tourists who start taking pictures even before getting out of the bus on the postcards. It’s difficult to consider oneself as a great Iceland explorer when the travelers are appreciated only as the contributors to Iceland’s tourism development. Which is unescapable while visiting “famous sights”.

That is one of the reasons why not all the places we loved are the Iceland’s “bestsellers”, but each of them should definitely be one.

1. Westman Islands

The volcano, which erupted in 1973 and the cliffs covered with puffins are amazing. Do make a small hiking tour on the cliffs behind the harbor, and you will see puffins just at your level!

independent people iceland scenery cliff birds mist fog
independent people iceland scenery desert volcano lava
independent people iceland scenery desert volcano lava

2. The Desert between Vik and Kirkjubaejarklaustur

Have you seen anything like that? We neither. 70 km of desert, where there is nothing except for the mousse, which made us think about the Moon surface (though we’ve never been on the Moon). Even after the hours of cycling we started becoming slightly mad, crossing this desert was a great thing to experience in our cycling career :D

independent people iceland scenery desert moss lava
independent people iceland scenery desert moss lava

3. Ice Lagoon – Jökulsárlón

Okay, it would be a lie if we were saying that it was not the most beautiful scenery of Iceland. Exactly like on the advertising images, but fortunately, the Glacier is relatively far from Reykjavik, so not so many tourists decide to cover such distance. Literally breathtaking, we spent around 4 hours contemplating this wonder (which, moreover, is full of seals!).

independent people iceland scenery glacier ice lagoon
independent people iceland scenery glacier ice lagoon

4. Between the Ice Lagoon and Höfn

Maybe it’s just because we were lucky with the weather, but isn’t it fantastic?

independent people iceland horse countryside
independent people iceland scenery countryside lake glacier

5. Höfn

Höfn is far from being the most stunning place of the world, but there people are not too spoiled by tourism so we managed to interact a lot with the locals who made us feel like at home. If you happen to be there, don’t leave Höfn without trying their delicious lobsters!

independent people iceland fishing harbour
independent people iceland scenery harbour fisherman
independent people iceland shrimps sea food cooking

6. Husavik

Even though the main Husavik industry is the Whale Watching, we would recommend you not to waste your time (as the whales can be seen for free elsewhere). However, the town itself is very pleasant and calm with nice harbor and gorgeous (like overall Iceland) nature.

independent people iceland scenery harbour birds ocean mountains
independent people iceland scenery horse sunset
independent people iceland scenery harbour boat fishing mountains

7. Around the Kleifarvatn lake

So close to Reykjavik, but (almost) tourist-free, who, obviously, are intercepted by the Blue Lagoon. :)
Quiet and desert area with very beautiful colors due to the volcanic black beach near the Kleifarvatn lake and Seltun – geothermic area no less interesting than Geysir.

independent people iceland scenery lake black sand beach cliff
independent people iceland scenery geothermy steam
independent people iceland scenery geothermy steam

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So these are our favorite places of Iceland. And what are yours?

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  1. marina Sunday December 3rd, 2017 at 03:24 PM - Reply

    Merci pour ces conseils,
    je prépare aussi mon voyage je prends donc note de vos recommandations.
    Une petite question: vos photos sont magnifique avec quel appareil photo les avez-vous prises?

    Merci :)

    • independentpeople Monday December 4th, 2017 at 11:48 AM - Reply

      Merci pour tes mots chaleureux ! Bien qu’on se soit (on espère lol) beaucoup amélioré en photo depuis deux ans. :) Les photos étaient prises avec un Nikon D90 et un Nikon 5100, maintenant on photographie sur Nikon D500. Bonne chance !

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