How to spend a weekend in Oslo for 80€

Norway has a reputation of one of the most expensive countries in the world. Sadly, but it is true. In the sake of experiment, we had set an objective – to spend as less as possible during two days in Oslo, and it was a bit of fun. Wonder how to have a great weekend in Oslo with an extremely tight budget? We’ll tell you that!


Going to Oslo. Leaving Oslo = 270Kr

Dear Ryanair offered us two return tickets Tallinn-Oslo-Tallinn for no more than 30€. As it often happens with Ryanair, the arrival airport is very far from the city stated on the ticket, so there are 65 km to go to Oslo. The solution is way too simple: hitchhiking. Thus, we got to the city-centre for free. The way back was not that obvious – the flight back was in a very early hour. From the main bus station there are regular buses (~15€ per ticket) to the Rygge airport.

Accommodation = free

CouchSurfing, naturally. Even if in Oslo we struggled to find a host, still, we succeeded to have a lovely local who accepted us for two nights.

Food = 15kr

Very wise move – to bring your own food. Grilled chicken, vegetables, believe or not –we brought enough not to buy anything there. Just one small pack of chips – everybody has their weak points.

Transport = free

Which transport? On foot only!

Tickets, souvenirs, etc = 450 Kr

By tickets and souvenirs I mean two adult tickets (80kr) to the Vikingskiphuset – The Viking Ship Museum, which was absolutely worth it, a postcard with a stamp (20kr) and… a little troll to remind us about Norway at home. :)

Oslo Viking Ship

Oslo centre

What else to do in Oslo if you are a tight budget traveller?

Have a walk in the city centre of Oslo.

Oslo centre

Oslo centre

Oslo centre

Relax in the park of the Royal Palace Det Kongelige Slott

Oslo centre

Oslo centre

Enjoy the stunning sunset with a view on the Town Hall and the castle Akershus Slott.

Oslo centre


Check the modern architecture with a touch of art.


Oslo centre

Explore the wildlife of Oslo :D

Oslo centre

Pass near the Royal Farm.

Oslo centre

Think of something existential in The Vigeland Park.

Oslo centre

Oslo centre

Oslo centre

To sum up, around 80€ spent during the weekend for two persons in one of the most expensive countries of the world. Not bad at all, I must say! :)

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How to spend a budget weekend in Oslo?

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  1. Julie la blogtrotteuse Thursday May 26th, 2016 at 11:43 AM - Reply

    Not bad at all, indeed ;).Kind of what we’ve done in Stockholm, appart from the couch surfing which I had nerver tried at that time!

    • independentpeople Thursday May 26th, 2016 at 01:26 PM - Reply

      CouchSurfing is a life-saver (we owe everything to it, by the way as we met via CS!), and in riddiculously expensive countries is a necessity. I wish it worked as well in Iceland… :(

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