North Cape: Winter Saga

As it’s not every day that we walk above the polar circle, we decided to push even further and actually reach the North Cape – the most northern point of Europe. From Finland, we went directly to Norway and we were just stunned to see how immediately the sceneries altered. Norway is a unique country at it simply can’t be confused with anything else. Fjords, amazing mountains and… scary roads for non-experienced drivers. Living in Estonia, which is the flattest country possible didn’t prepare us for the roads like these! Fortunately, the local drivers were absolutely okay with our snail crawling.

We started our “Norway-part” leaving Finland and it took us a whole day to get to the North Cape. The journey was amazing.

Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Every day out of four that we spent in Norway, we had an incredible luck to assist to the Northern Lights, which were particularly beautiful due to their reflection in the fjords.

Northern Lights in Norway

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The roads are kept clean and accessible. Their system of long reflecting sticks to indicate the roads is more than genius when the snowfall is too intense. Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Snow on the Norwegian Roads

You see what I’m talking about.

Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Soon we reached the zone where the trees stopped being seen. Only cliffs, sea and random villages.


Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Finally we reached the town Honningsvag, the last before the North Cape itself. The decision was taken to go directly to the North Cape before darkness. But the weather was getting worse…

Winter road trip in Norway

…and even worse…

Winter road trip in Norway

12 kilometers we had to drive awfully slowly, hardly seeing anything at all. In some time (that felt like eternity) we arrived to..! Oh my God, what’s that?

Nordkapp, Norway

We definitely missed in the guidebook the line telling that in winter the access to the North Cape was opened only in certain hours. All this trip through the snow and more snow was in vain. So we had no other choice but to postpone it to the next day.

After all, I think it was for the better. People who managed to get to the North Cape that day saw close to nothing and were stuck for hours and hours because of the snowstorm. Whereas the next day we went fast and nicely at the convoy-time…

Nordkapp Convoy

…and realized how much we could have missed and how scary the roads were, even we suspected nothing.

Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Winter road trip in Norway


Finally, we arrived to the North Cape centre.

Winter road trip in Norway

I’m sure you don’t have any slightest illusions that the entrance to see the end of the world Europe is free, because it isn’t. However, there are quite a few discounts, and the stuff was very friendly and almost insisted on us passing as “a student” and “a former military”. :D

So the end of the world Europe looks like that.Nordkapp, Norway

Nordkapp, Norway

Winter road trip in Norway

Nordkapp, Norway

Actually, it’s not that impressive, at least no less impressive that any other place in Norway. In around 40 minutes something happened. Literally, it was tourists’ invasion. They appeared to be the tourists from the Cost Express, who destroyed the strict dignity of the place immediately.

Tourist buses, Nordkapp

We had a long walk in the museum, which offered quite a good exhibition and the shop of all kinds of made-in-china souvenirs. By the way, a postcard sent from this centre will have a special North Cape stamp!

Nordkapp, Norway

Postcard from North Cape

Nordkapp, NorwayTime to go back.

Winter sceneries on the road trip in Norway

Skiing in Norway

As we still had some time, we had a walk in Honningsvag…

Honningsvåg, Norway

…took the picture of THE Norwegian troll…

Troll in Honningsvåg, Norway

…and helped ourselves to some amazing fishmeals.

Fish meal in Norway

The next day the 2000 kilometers journey home waited for us. :) Just imagine, while driving back we passed by a very motivated cyclist! I’m not sure we are ready for this though…

Useful Info.

  • The access to the North Cape is at 11.00 and 12.00 (in wintertime)
  • The entrance to the North Cape: 215 Kr. There are many discounts though
  • According to the rumors, the access to the tunnel connecting the continent with the island is also quite expensive, the return trip costs almost 200 Kr + around 50 Kr per person in one way. However, obviously in winter it’s not beneficial at all, so we didn’t pay anything. Hurray.

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North Cape: Winter Saga.How to visit Nordkapp in winter: the ultimate trip to the end of Europe

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