Two great day-trips from Stockholm

I think it’s impossible to get tired of Stockholm, but if you want to escape “big city” atmosphere, Sweden offers great possibilities! We tried two of them that we sincerely recommend you.

Day Out 1: Uppsala.

80 km from Stockholm, 1 hour by train. Fourth biggest Swedish town, which is very young due to the big (big? huge!) student community.

Bicycle parking in Sweden

To see absolutely:

Gamla Uppsala – the place where Swedish Viking civilization was born (goosebumps!) and existed in their pagan beliefs before turning into Christianity. These three hills are the old graves of Viking Chiefs – HUGE GOOSEBUMPS!

Gamla Uppsala tombs

Gamla Uppsala tombs

Church in Uppsala

Domkyrka – the biggest cathedral of Scandinavia. Not only is it massive, but also inside you’ll find the tombs of the most important historical characters, among whom famous Gustav Vasa, the “father” of that poor ship you’ve already seen in Stockholm

Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden

Day Out 2: Vaxholm

40 km from Stockholm, 40 minutes by bus No670 or 1 hour by boat from the city-centre (in summertime only).

An ultra-beautiful archipelago – an ideal place for a relaxed lazy one day walk, but only off-season (according to the rumors).

To see absolutely:

The fortress (Vaxholms Fästings Museum)!

Vaxholm fortress, Sweden

This stunning harbor.

Vaxholm harbor, Sweden

Vaxholm harbor

Vaxholm harbor

Vaxholm harbor, Sweden

What to eat?

Picnic, picnic and one more time picnic! Beware : Vaxholm’s seagulls are not too shy to steal some of your food just from your plate! :)

Vaxholm harbor, Sweden

Bon voyage and tell us your experience!

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Two perfect day-trips from Stockholm

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