7 reasons to visit Ukraine

Now we’ll talk a lot about Ukraine. To write about Ukraine is very difficult as it‘s my (Valeriia’s) Motherland and perceiving it objectively is not the easiest thing. But we all know that the more you travel, the better you learn your own country, and this case is not an exception. Of course, I couldn’t do without my objective counsellor Xavier.

While searching for ideas, we had a look at the lists that already exist – 5/10/25 reasons to visit Ukraine. The majority of the results was the same tired old « hospitality », « food » and for some reason « vodka » and « women ». The last point evokes a wave of indignation, but developing this subject can lead to a new blog creation. But nevertheless there are some points that, despite their banality, are very fair. So let us present you our list of reasons to visit Ukraine.

1. Stunning Nature

Yes, it’s not a surprise, but we shouldn’t forget that Ukraine remains despite any military conflicts the biggest European country, and it would be strange if the sceneries were boring. Mountains, sea, steppes, forests and even a small desert – we have everything. Another question is how to get to some particular place, but it will be discussed step by step.

independent people ukraine carpathian mountains

2. We are not Spoiled by Tourism

Ukraine isn’t a number one destination for the travellers and it is a fact. Therefore, you will not feel like one of a million Disneyland visitors where everything till the last tree leaf is orientated on tourist. There are no restaurant that offer multi-language menu with not a single local, in the city centres inhabitants walk, work, meet, so no risk to jump into crowds of tourists wearing socks and sandals, no risk to be robbed or tricked (at least no more than anywhere else). A foreigner taking a selfie will evoke more positive feelings than irritated eyes-rolling. Here a foreigner doesn’t mean « easy money ».

independent people ukraine tramway

3. Authenticity

This point is partially connected with the previous one: we don’t adjust everything we have for tourists. There is also a historical reason which makes that being patriotic and loving our own culture is absolutely normal and rather positive. Globalization didn’t have enough time to wash our traditions and our way of living off, so here the traveller can find what he is searching for.

independent people ukraine tradition

4. Food

And it‘s not even national cuisine that matters, as, frankly speaking, it’s not something sophisticated our exotic in term of ingredients, and it’s very far from being « healthy food ». Of course it’s delicious with all our varenikis and borsch, but the main thing is the quality of products. Everything produced in Ukraine is very delicious. We have huge fields with the most fertile soil in the world. Under the heating sun the fruits and vegetables get an amazing taste. Believe me, a tomato from Ukraine and a tomato even from Spain have nothing in common.

independent people blueberry

5. Four seasons

Yes, we do have the continental climate. Even though loads of travellers live with «russian winter», bears and balalaika fantasies, but to make it clear Ukrainian winter looks like winter, spring like spring, summer feels like hell summer and autumn like… you’ve guessed – autumn. Which means that whenever you come to Ukraine, it looks different and it makes a difference.

independent people ukraine winter

6. Affordable Culture

Ukraine is not an expensive country, but what makes me really happy and proud is the fact that theatre ticket, evening in the opera or ballet is affordable for everyone, whereas in the majority of countries it remains as something «luxury».

7. Interesting Cities

Stalin empire? Post-war blocks of flats? Pre-revolutionary manors? Churches? Castles? We have everything, bravely mixed or separated, nobody will be disappointed.

independent people ukraine kyiv

Did we forget some important reason to visit Ukraine? Remind us in the comments ! :)

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