9 places to see in Copenhagen

Logical start of our Denmark adventure is Copenhagen! Copenhagen is just like Stockholm – you fall in love with immediately! It is a city that breathes with health and well-being. Beautiful people, beautiful streets, beautiful buildings and, God, so many bicycles. Scandinavian dream in reality – people are jogging, do not smoke, hang around everywhere with their blond-angelic-children – shortly speaking – idyll. Even for jogging they use special prams for taking kids with! Looking at this, it seems logic why the Danes consider themselves as the happiest people on our planet. The city is big enough to be spacious for the thousands of tourists; one can walk there for hours, both in the old town and modern districts that could seem too modern, by the way.Copenhagen, Denmark Of course, the best way to explore the city like Copenhagen is bike, so the first day we took time for walking, and the second for cycling! As usual, we’ll say several words about the sights, that impressed us the most, though the list is going to be long.

Rådhus – the local town hall. Imposing complex with rich history, but most of all I loved these nice creatures. :)Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn – here it is, the second most popular postcard view from Copenhagen right after the Little Mermaid. A picturesque canal with old sailing boats, cute cafés on the quay, just sad that it was sacrificed completely to the tourists – every single café or restaurant is nothing more than a tourist trap. Beautiful, but we felt an uneasiness to be one among the thousands tourists, we lacked only “I<3Copenhagen” to complete our look.Copenhagen, DenmarkChristiansborg Slot. It’s not really that this royal palace with a guy on the horse was different from the others, but the atmosphere around is quite pleasant – not too many people around, so the palace looked calm and solemn.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark The same concerns Amalienborg Plads – a current royal palace (with a guy on the horse), where the Queen lives. In front of the castle the guard changes, that brings a touch of vivacity to local scenery.Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, DenmarkLille Havfrue – of course! Little Mermaid, dear! She is touching and tender, of the natural size with a very miserable industrial background. For taking picture we had to stay in a kind of queue, but despite everything – we weren’t disappointed at all. On the contrary – these unpleasant details add even more of sadness to her already such a tragic character.Little mermaid Copenhagen Denmark

Rosenborg Slot – yes, again a palace-fortress. But this time it’s more the surrounding park on the old bastions that is cool.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vestre kirkegård – Vestre cemetery or its Greenland part. Initially we came there following Smilla’s traces from “Smilla’s Sence of Snow” and we didn’t regret at all. An important part of Danish history after all, and we had occasion to meet real Greenlanders both dead and alive. Lol. But the cemetery looks anyway like another park – people walk their dogs and jog there, which looked strangely.Copenhagen, DenmarkChristianshavn and naturally Christiania! We learnt about this eccentrics place just as we arrived. But let’s start with a district itself – the streets of Christianshavn remind a lot Amsterdam due to its canals, architecture around and atmosphere.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
This part of Copenhagen we loved the most. Here as well is situated a “sub-district” or even more – an entire “republic” Christiania. In the 70-s, when the army left the old military barracks, a sort of “interesting” public with liberal mind started hanging around instead. At first, the government was not really against such “social experiment” but because of growing drug trade finally decided to intrude. Too late. Everyone got used to “Freetown Christiania”, so at the end, the government closed its eyes on this tiny disorder. The “town” is really worth of attention – the residents even managed to create some kind of their own communism, but mainly it’s interesting for the drugs, if you’re in. Indeed, there are some gentlemen selling these goods. It explains why taking pictures and running there is forbidden. Outside Christiania the dealers can be arrested, so running can provoke panic. Actually, Christiania is a very agreeable place, we liked a lot its bohemian décor of half-ruined houses, non-stop concerts – a Wonderland briefly speaking. No need to love “rastaman” style to appreciate Christiania, it really deserves!

Copenhagen, Denmark

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9 places to see in Copenhagen
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  • 180 kr – 2 typical Danish sandwiches Smørrebrød, that probably means with no taste at all for too high price in Kafe Kys
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