Six months in England

Simply impossible to believe, that it’s been no less than 6 months since we moved to England. It feels as if it happened yesterday, or actually centuries ago. We were so immerged in discovering our new life that we completely failed to keep a regular record of everything happening around, so time to make a short overview of the months passed.



First month in England we spent dealing with an eternal issue: finding an apartment. If only it was all. But having found one we spent 1 entire month to make it…livable (and one month more to…install internet).

Apartment Before and After


Whereas Xavier is engaged as engineer on the construction of the new power plant in Wilton Site, I managed to find several students for French classes. Working with people is always much more fun than working with a computer, even if it is more demanding.

Power Plant engineer


Never in our lives did we dance so much as we do here. Darlington every Tuesday, Voodoo café and amazing Salsa lessons. Such a luck to live in a country with so many festivals, workshops, international salsa events. It’s crazy.

Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance


The only thing we kept posting regularly. Yorkshire has much to offer, so even after half a year I can’t say that we explored at least a quarter of this marvelous region. Check out our posts about Staithes, Roseberry Topping, as well as Durham and Liverpool out of Yorkshire. Total failure to understand why so many English know so little about their own country and prefer travelling just somewhere “where the weather is good”.

York Castle, selfie

All the rest

Jogging and participating in ParkRuns, attending Saltburn Book Club, hosting through CouchSurfing and Airbnb, getting used to the right steering wheel and spending half of the life on the beach – you name it.


Jogging in Park Run

Bookshop, Saltburn

However, we had something very tragic happened. Xavier’s bicycle was stolen from our backyard. Heart broken, and humanity is disgusting, what else can I say?

Cliffs in England

So very English

Just a short list of conclusions about our new temporary “home”.

 No, it doesn’t rain all the time. However, what is much worse is the changes of atmospheric pressure. This is the thing, which can drive anyone mad, no doubt. Though, barbecue on the misty beach couldn’t be better.

English weather

What can happen within five minutes.

Barbecue in the mist, England

No one. NO ONE speaks BBC English. Just forget it.

 In England live the toughest people on the Earth. They walk undressed even in January.

 Don’t mess up with football.

Boro football fan

 Paperwork and Health & Safety bureaucratic procedures take three times as long as any action at all.

 The whole country is living on the charity of each other.

 The cultural shock was much less stronger in Estonia, than in England.

 Despite all the stereotypes, you can eat here very well, providing it’s not Fish’n’Chips.

Fish meal, England

 The country is beautiful, and I mean it. Still, we’ll be glad to leave it for various non-blog-disscusion reasons. No offence.

North York Moors National Park

Horseriding in Saltburn-by-the-Sea

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  1. Cécile Tuesday May 9th, 2017 at 09:02 AM - Reply


    je ne suis qu’une petite débutante dans la vie d’expat (bientôt 5 mois que je vis en Allemagne), mais qu’est ce qui vous fait dire que le choc culturel est plus violent en Angletrre qu’en Estonie ? En fait, je me demande, finalement, c’est quoi un choc culturel ?

    J’ai découvert votre blog il y a peu, mais comme vous avez l’air d’avoir pas mal bourlingué je serai curieuse de connaitre votre point de vue :)

    Et bonne continuation !


    • independentpeople Friday May 12th, 2017 at 05:15 PM - Reply

      Salut et merci pour ton commentaire !
      On a jeté un coup d’oeuil sur ton site – il paraît que ça te plaît, la vie en Allemagne.
      Le choc culturel – très simple. Plus tu te sens dépaysé – plus grand est le “choc”. Pour nous c’était étonnant de voir qu’il y a plus de différences dans mentalité d’anglais que dans celle d’estoniens.
      Et toi, alors ? Te sens-tu chez toi en Allemagne (Gatersleben – c’est ça ?) ?

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